Common - Sweet


This track, which is supposedly disses Drake, goes pretty damn hard. Common shows a new, rougher side with some more biting vocals and a couple cocky lines. He premiered this video, which was shot in Haiti, earlier this month on UStream and originally charged $1 to view, and all proceeds were donated to The J/P Haitian Relief Organization. "Sweet" is off his new album The Dreamer / The Believer, which comes out December 20th.

Check out the video and let me know what you think. Do you think this style is somewhat below him, considering his usually intellectual and inspirational lyrics, or do you think he's just dissing mainstream by acting mainstream?

Ground Up - Late Night Special


Ground Up is a three-man Philly hip-hop collaborative consisting of producer Bij Lincs and lyricists Azar and Malakai. They are still unsigned but have released 6 mixtapes, which are all available for free download on their website. If you like "Late Night Special", then go grab a mixtape or two and show them some love. 

Flo Rida - Good Feeling


Tramar Dillard, also known as Flo Rida, is an American rapper from where else but Florida. This song is off his fourth album Only One Rida (Part 2) and should be released next January. It samples a house song,  "Levels" by Avicii. Click here to listen to the original. Which version do you like better?

Kid Cudi ft. Cage - Maniac


This song is an exploration of the darkness that lies within. Along with the video, Cudi starred in a short film with the same title. It's an extension on the characters presented in the song and is definitely worth watching. It tells the story of two serial killers who vow to kill 8 people, all while being filmed. I'll put it above the music video, it's that damn important.

Frank Ocean - Swim Good


Here's another track of OFWGKTA member Frank Ocean's debut album Nostalgia, Life. The music video is really awesome, so definitely check it out.



I don't know who the hell sings this. A lot of places say it's Drake, but I'm almost positive it's not. Lol..if you know, please tell me so I can credit them, because this song is amazing.

11/11 your lucky night tonight baby..

Drake - Take Care


Drizzy's new album Take Care, which is scheduled to be released on November 15th, has been making its rounds online since it leaked yesterday and it's building a hell of a buzz. Even though his management was trying to keep it under wraps, leaking is pretty inevitable these days and I think Drake handled it gracefully. I'll put up a few of my favorite tracks, so check them out asap just in case YouTube takes them down. How do you think Take Care compares to Thank Me Later?

Kanye West & Jay-Z - Gotta Have It


This is another track off Kanye & Jay's incredible collaborative, Watch the Throne, which is arguably the hottest album of the year. Check it out and see if you agree :)

Tyler the Creator ft. Frank Ocean - She


Tyler, the Creator is a rapper/producer from LA and part of the Odd Future/OFGWFTA hip-hop collective. His style is reminiscent of skater kid swag mixed with emotions and actual deep thoughts. In this collaboration with Frank Ocean, he plays the role of a psychotic stalker and he does it so well its creepy. 

Wale - DC or Nothing


The wait is finally over for Wale's new album Ambition, which dropped today. You know I have to show love for the PG native, cuz he definitely shows love for his home. My personal favorite track off the new album, "DC or Nothing", is proof that however big he gets, he's still got love for the DMV.

ASAP Rocky - Purple Swag

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This track, "Purple Swag" is off Harlem artist and swag enthusiast ASAP Rocky's new mixtape, LIVELOVEA$AP that just dropped yesterday. Like the awesome artist he is, he released it for free download on his website. If you like his style, you can get his mixtape here and check him out on Drake's upcoming Club Paradise tour.